Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Owl Tote Bag Sling Tote

I had a special request to make a sling tote bag with an OWL theme.  After searching high and low in our area for owl fabric, I came up empty handed.  So thank you Google search and Pinterest for some ideas on how to make an owl onto the bag.   Now we're all thrilled with how it turned out and want to do many variations of this owl theme.

The girls want to make these as stuffed animal pillow owls.
The owl is actually a pocket on the outside of the tote bag

I'm also thinking of making the owl larger and just sewing on some straps to make an owl purse or hand bag.

It's scary to try something new, but oh so rewarding when it turns out well!

Added a triple pocket inside with owl material.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Sewing with teens and tweens ~ easy projects for beginner sewers

My own experience with sewing was varied as I grew up.  I did cross stitch with my Grandma, knitting from age 8 and then some sewing with my Aunt when I was a teen.  Later I wanted to learn to sew once I had a little girl to dress up.  I have a talented Mom in law who was willing to walk me through cutting out a pattern and was a phone call away when I had a problem.  She also taught me IRON IRON IRON.

Now that I have three daughters, I find it a balancing act of teaching a skill to them that is fun or shoving a skill down their throat that they don't really care about.  

At the moment, we have found a nice groove and some fun projects that they are happy to sew and learn.  The key seems to be "make something we like" or something that is quick and also easily given away to friends.  Friends are good and giving something of value that you made with your own little hands is even better!

In our small town we have a community program called "Lighthouses" and is organized by a talented woman who has become a friend of ours.  We pitched the idea of doing sewing after hours at the school so that we could gauge interest with girls in the community.   We are doing three classes and only have one left.  Afterwards, we can continue sewing at my home for those that are showing more interest.

 The first project was a simple envelope pillow slip cover.  We did 14 inch pillow forms, so cut out 15 inch squares.  Easy peasy.  Got them hooked!  Also got to see how they did with the sewing machines and what sort of ironing and sewing skills they had already.

 Next project was reversible headbands.  Many colors were picked and some color combinations that I didn't think would go together ~ well, they actually do!  They are now sporting them around the school and home and my girls are making them for friends!

Have to add that this was not a beginner pillow, BUT it was a pattern that my 16 year old found on the internet and decided to do one day while I was out.  Not too shabby!
 There is a time to leave them alone and let them have at it!

 Also taught some of the girls to make a fabric Yo Yo decoration ~ thank you YOUTUBE for videos on absolutely everything.  A very simple hand sewing craft.  They could be pinned on the headbands, pillows or a hair clip or tote bag..... endless ideas and options!
Isn't this funny?  Picasa put hearts on this photo of our dog enjoying the new pillow.
We now have one girl coming over to make her own tote bag.  Next project will be finishing up some headbands and then doing a tote bag or a reusable cloth snack bag.  This will be a great way to use up little fabric pieces that I have collected.

Head bands and YoYo's
 Case in point ~ while I was enjoying coffee with the ladies in the kitchen, my 16 year old made this make up bag.
 It is adorable and she said it's pretty easy... maybe I can make some!  hee hee

 They squish nice and flat, so they will be good for our trip in May as well.
 Wonder what other colors would look like and how we can dress them up with YoYo's or applique!

Remember ~ when sewing with creative youngsters, let them be creative and don't stress on the mess!  They are soaking up knowledge and having a good experience.  They will either keep using the skills or may come back to them later on.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Little Girls Reversible Apron with Owl Front Pocket

I have been making an effort to use up little bits of fabric collections I have in storage.  The aprons turn out to be as big as the piece of material that was left over, so it's quite fun!
I've always loved this collection with the reds, blues and browns mixed in.  

This little apron had an odd size of material left over that we all thought looked like an owl...thus an owl it was!  The front bib apron pocket is an owl with sequins for feathers.

 Sewing this way makes many One of A Kind outfits.
 Fully reversible, it can be worn either way
 Little owl on the pocket
 Adjustable neck strap 

 Cute ruffled hem

Perfect for a child aged 3- 7 in my approximation.